Getting Good at Saying Goodbye

I have definitely been slacking on the blog posts, and I will continue to slack…

I will be slacking because of some big news. I joined the Army National Guard! I joined back in June and have been going to drills one weekend a month since then. I meant to post about it sooner, but just never got around to it. Now, I am leaving on Tuesday, October 16th. So I definitely won’t be able to update the blog for a while because of basic training.

To fill you in, here is my schedule. I’ll be headed to Fort Jackson in South Carolina for 12 weeks to start with those 12 weeks including a 2 week break for Christmas. I guess drill Sergeants want to be with their families too during the holidays. Then after the completion of basic I will immediately be headed to Fort Benning in Georgia. There, I will spend another 12 weeks and this does not include any breaks. This 12 week training is going to be Officer Candidate School for me. So what that means, God willing, if I pass and don’t get injured I’ll be headed back home to Michigan around May, but not before being commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant!

I am pretty excited for everything but I know it will be tough. It will especially tough to say goodbye to all the amazing friends and family I have been blessed with. However, this is another one of those things I feel compelled to do. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about and something I think have the skill set to accomplish great things in.

In the gallery above you can see I already started saying goodbye. I had a fun weekend at CMU’s homecoming tailgating and going out with friends one last time before I leave. The one picture of me hugging in the parking lot was on my last day of work saying bye to one of my work friends. I seem to be making a habit out of saying so many goodbyes, but I look forward to a day where I don’t have to do that as much. However, I feel this is the best time in my life, being at this age, to do all these things. It still doesn’t make it any easier.

In other news from me, I bought a house in the Saginaw area. It a big house over 2,000 square feet. I already have 3 friends moved in helping me cover the mortgage. It’s a little nerve racking leaving right after buying a house, but I trust the guys who live here so that is nice. It will be really nice to be able to come back from training and have somewhere to settle.

So that’s a quick update on everything I’ve been up to. I’ll be back around Christmas hopefully with another update!

Getting Good at Saying Goodbye