Thai Fight!!


In a surprising development on Saturday afternoon I found out that Thai Fight tickets were free! I skipped out on afternoon training and headed to the show with about 10 people from the gym. Now I know you’re thinking, what’s Thai Fight? The best way I can explain it is that it’s a cross between UFC and the NBA All-Star game.

Obviously, it relates to the UFC because it is fighting, but it relates to the NBA All-Star game because it has the biggest names in the sport of Muay Thai. Often their matches don’t really count for much, just like the All-Star game.

In the photos above you can see Saenchai. He is regarded as one of the best fighters of all time. His record, after the win I witnessed, is 308-23. He has numerous accolades as champion at multiple weights at top stadiums in Thailand as well as several world titles. Now, at age 37, he more or less fights lower class, inexperienced opponents for show.

Thai Fight, like the UFC, also has legitimate match-ups and potential for some good fights like a couple I saw Saturday night. However, every single fight, at least at this specific event, was a Thai versus a foreigner.  The foreigner was almost always supposed to lose. Only in one fight, the last of the night, did a 19 year old Ukrainian kid upset one of the popular Thai fighters.

This was actually the first time Thai Fight has happened in Chiang Mai. Normally Thai Fight takes place in Bangkok when it is in Thailand. Like the UFC, Thai Fight takes place often in different cities and venues. Recently there has been Thai Fight Barcelona, London, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

After the fight, I took the opportunity to get up close and see the ring. We had decent seats, only about 6 or 7 rows back, but it was cool to see it up close and personal. It’s hard to tell from my pictures, but this was a major production. There were cameras mounted everywhere on robotic arms and the stage was massive. When the fighter is first announced they pop out of the floor of the stage and then make their way to the left side where they bow to a picture of the King of Thailand. They also knee and bow before a Buddhist shrine, though I did notice fighters didn’t  always bow to the shrine.

After that the fighter walks down the main bridge high-fiving fans as he goes. Then into the ring. I am posting a video below that shows the whole event in it’s entirety. You can just skip around to different parts in the video, if you’re interested, to get a sense of the event.

Overall, it was awesome to get to see one of Thailand’s legendary fighters even if it was mostly for show. There were some real solid matches throughout the night, and for free you can’t beat it! It’s only got me more excited to keep training!

Tomorrow is Christmas and I already have a blog post planned to fill you in all the festivities I’ve already had and will have tomorrow! God bless your holidays!

Thai Fight!!


This is a true story from my brother’s wedding weekend. I hope you can find some humor in it, because at the time I couldn’t…

So tonight my brother’s finance’s family came over for dinner. As they came over I was eating a pepper I had picked out of the garden. Before I ate it, I sliced the sucker open and scrapped out all the seeds. I ate it no problem and they stood around talking and meeting everyone.

At a lull in the conversation I went to the bathroom to pee. It didn’t even occur to me that I should wash my hands before I put my pepper juiced hands all over my pecker.

I walked out of the bathroom still no problems and continued on socializing. Then slowly like a fire ant from hell my willy and surrounding sack lit up like the heat only a bonfire in death valley could produce. I stopped talking. I stopped smiling. My expression quickly turned to panic.

I got short with my mom when she asked me to run something out to my dad on the grill. I quickly completed that task and ran inside to my phone where I consulted Google on how to ease the burn that I only assumed could be cured by chopping my ramburgler off.

I found several Yahoo answer threads written in all caps pleasing for a solution before the author’s would say something along the lines of, “HELP ME BEFORE I KILL MYSELF!!!” Being in the same situation and feeling the pain I couldn’t help but crack a slight smile despite the discomfort.

Unfortunately, for me the only solution to this problem seemed to be dipping my schlong into some cold milk. So seeing this as my only option, I walked back into the kitchen with a strained smile on my face and poured a glass of milk promptly to take back with me to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I submerged and splashed my woohoo until I could feel the heat start to disapate. It felt so good while submerged, but I quickly realized this releif was only temporary. I had to go back out of the bathroom. So I flushed the milk down and tried my best to keep it together in front of company.

At another break in socializing, maybe 10 minutes later, I gunned it for my parents bathroom as the pain simply was not subsiding. Here I doused my Johnson with as much baby powder as could fit in my pants.

The rest of the night went as good as one could imagine. I suppressed my hell raised longfellow and tried to be cordial. But seriously it started to go away after 45 minutes and I kind of forgot about it, but I will never forget the lesson I learned tonight.

So fellas let this be a warning. Wash your hands before peeing if you’ve dealt with something spicy. You will want to chop your Peter off or at the very least scrub it with some whole milk.