Cambodian Adventures: Part 1

The two pictures here of tall ceremonial looking monuments are there to celebrate the countries Independence from France in 1953. The one taken at night is to celebrate the King who lead them to Independence, King Sihanouk.

The other picture at night is of some random temple in the city. There are so many temples everywhere so it really wasn’t that interesting to me. The last picture is on me at the end of a nice sunset cruise coming back to the city banks.

This is a picture of the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh. It has never been used for an Olympics, but I do believe they have played world cup qualifying matches here. I went to visit and noticed they had a weight set inside the stadium. It was a simple set up. Just two bars a squat rack and a bench. So the next day I got out there and got in my first lift since leaving for Asia! It was great! I didn’t know how much I was lifting because of the kilogram to pounds conversion, but the local sure liked to watch.

These pictures were from the S21 prison. It was a high school turned into top secret torchering compound. Members of the military would be brought here to be torchered by Pol Pot’s evil regime. Most of them, if not killed here, were sent by truck to the killing fields.

These photos show the actually killing fields. There were mass graves where as many as 450 bodies were found. It one grave over a 100 bodies were found without heads. The picture of the tree was a particularly horrifying thing to see as you can tell by the sign next to it. After beating the babies to death they were thrown into the graves with there naked mothers and other children.

On a more relaxed note here are some creepy crawls and bugs I ate at a night market. Also pictured is me enjoying a local brew.

Next to come I venture, tomb raider style, into Siem Reap to explore Angkor Wat!

Cambodian Adventures: Part 1


People kept asking if I was going to do videos or write about my travels. I guess I’m not a huge fan of posting a bunch of things to social media, so this is my solution. This is my space to explain what I’m up to.

I am leaving for Vietnam October 5th.

Most people already know, especially since my mom likes telling everyone and their brother. For those who don’t the news is I’m leaving. I bought a one-way plane ticket to Vietnam. How long will I be gone? Not sure. As long as I want to or feel I need to be. Mom says be home for Christmas, but we’ll see….

Another thing people might not know is that I’m done with college. Yes, it only has been three years. I graduated earlier. How? Lots and lots of credits and hard work. In my eyes, that means I have an extra year on everyone else. This is pretty much free time! So I plan on making the most of it. That’s what I’m starting a little South East Asia adventure. I’m leaving October 5th because my brother, Jon’s wedding is September 30th and I should probably be there. After that there are no commitment and no plans for me. Nothing tying this man down!!!

What am I going to do in Vietnam?

Vietnam isn’t the end goal. In fact, I really only plan on using it as a launch pad for the rest of my adventure. I got a cheap flight in. $330 for a one-way ticket in. I reckon I will probably not spend that much time in the country. I’ll explore Ho Chi Minh city where I fly into, but after that it’s off to Cambodia.

Cambodia will be a good adventure and I plan on seeing the big sights there like the famous Ankor Wat and the somber killing fields as well. After that it’s on to Thailand. This is the main goal. Part of the selection of SE Asia started because of my enamorment of Muay Thai. It’s pretty much kick boxing and is considered a martial art to some. I just think it’s really cool so I’ll be trying to train in that. We’ll see how long that lasts. I love the idea of fighting, but I realize is an extremely brutal sport. It is immensely popular and Thailand and many boys, from a young age, give their lives to the sport in order to earn money for their families. Fortunately, I have been greatly blessed and that isn’t the hand I’ve been dealt. Really what I am saying is that it might be foolish for me to want to fight. That won’t stop me from training and learn the techniques. Where that takes me? Only time will tell…

Other Objectives.

Of course number one is satisfy my need of adventure!! After that it’s probably just experience the real culture and try to stretch my money as far as it will go. To do this I will likely settle in the cheaper northern city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here I will train Muay Thai and likely rent an apartment. Being in this location accomplished another goal of getting involved in mission work. The church body I am apart of, the WELS, started a congregation in this city years ago. Now, the congregation is on it’s own and able to support itself. Hopefully I can use my talents to benefit the congregation there while at the same time strengthening my own faith. Lastly, I want to met and learn from expats who are living these unique lifestyles of traveling and working abroad. I’m curious how a lot of them support themselves through online businesses and other ventures.

I hope this is a good start to my blogging and I will continue updating it regularly. If you have any questions or think I’m crazy you can email me at to comment or ask a question! Thanks for reading!